Photography Workshop Testimonials


Tuition Session (s) = One To One Workshop Sessions

“Primarily interested in landscape photography, I have dabbled with different cameras over the years starting with a film SLR and more recently moving into digital photography. Although I ‘d like to think that I have a good eye for a photo I have mostly muddled through the technical side of the medium and so I thought that I could benefit from some insider knowledge and tuition. Chris’ workshop didn’t disappoint. His relaxed and easy going manner put me at ease right away and while there was a lot to take on board Chris ensured that all my questions were answered. He took things at my pace making the workshop an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I am now more confident using my camera and would recommend these workshops to anyone interested in taking their landscape photography forward.”

Rob Dodsworth

Untitled-1AWTuition Session (s) = Half Day One To One Tuition Session

“As a complete novice I always had my camera on an automatic setting, so I booked a half day 1:1 tuition with Chris.   The first thing that impressed me was that Chris suggested we cancel the first session we had booked because the weather was so poor, low grey cloud which would have not produced good results – it was a good decision!  The second session booked gave perfect weather conditions and a fantastic sunrise which produced pictures I was thrilled with.  The advice and instruction were excellent.  He also answered all my questions very patiently!  I now feel confident experimenting with different settings and I would recommend this 1:1 tuition to anyone at any level of  experience.”
Ali Wright


Tuition Session (s) = One To One Tuition Session And Norfolk Broads One Day Workshop

“I flew over especially from Ireland for the workshop sessions and thoroughly enjoyed the days I spent with Chris. Despite already being very passionate about landscape photography I knew I was previously lacking the technical knowledge necessary to improve the quality of my pictures.
A one to one tuition day followed by a one day small group workshop on the Norfolk Broads has given me control over the way I now shoot landscapes, I am now in complete control of camera settings and feel more involved in the whole process. As a result of the tuition I feel the overall quality of my images has dramatically improved and as I am now getting the images right in the camera first time therefore I have significantly reduced the time needed for the post production stage.”

Philippe Gosseau


Tuition Session (s) = Three Day Autumn Peak District Workshop

“Intense – That’s how I’d sum up a recent photo workshop in the Peak District. Myself and 2 other photographers were privileged to have the attention of landscape maestro Chris Herring for 3 full days of practical and inspirational tutoring. OK, so we’ve all read the books and mags but there’s no substitute for actually being clearly shown, on our own cameras, exactly how it’s done. I learnt so much just by simply watching Chris at work and saw my own images improve almost immediately under his expert yet laid-back style. Up and off by 06.30 each morning we were set up ready to capture the ‘Golden Hour’ of mist and rising sunshine at several iconic Peak landmarks. If the weather or light was poor where we’d set up, we jumped back in our cars and race off after Chris to where it was better – brilliant! Sunsets on Curbar or Stanage then back to the cottage in the dark and back out to do some night shots before pub dinner and crashing into bed. What a fantastic weekend. Many thanks to Chris for everything, especially the inspiration!”
Tony Butterworth

Tony Butterworth


Tuition Session (s) = One Day Norfolk Broads & Norfolk Coast Workshops & Three Day Boat Workshop

“We spent two days on workshops and both got so much out of the experience. We both love shooting landscapes but as we are both fairly new to photography and we were not getting the most out of ourselves or our kit. The first one day workshop was on the Norfolk Broads, we visited a few locations that really got us to grips with shooting landscapes and how to get the most out of our kit. The second workshop was shooting Coastal scenes, in this workshop it gave us the ability to use what we had already learned to check and make sure we had not missed anything along with learning new techniques. As a result of the tuition we feel we have improved our abilities, know how to get the most out of our kit and feel more confident in what we are trying to achieve. Chris takes the time to ensure you get the most out of the workshops which make them very good value. Can’t wait for the next one!

Tracy & Simon


Tuition Session (s) = One Day Norfolk Broads & Coast Workshop, Nov 2012

“A quick line to those who fancy the idea of a future workshop with Chris, you will learn much in a relaxed manor. All abilities are very well catered for. His knowledge of cameras, filters, tripods and the area is superb. In November we were given a beautiful sunny day, the light was lovely, and even though I travelled a long way I’m already looking forward to another session next year.”

Paul Whebell


Tuition Session (s) = Painting With Light Night Star Trail Photography One Day Workshop

“I’ve flirted with photography for 30 years but always as a hobbyist and, lately, as chief photographer on holidays and family parties. In acquiring a DSLR last year I was amazed at how far the process has changed and I still have a lot to learn about all the options on my camera. In seeing my desire (but without the technical ability) to do better and do different, my wife booked me in for the PWL workshop with Chris. I didn’t really understand what it was all about but, after a failed attempt to run the workshop, due to weather, I am so pleased that I opted to wait until the elements were right. The conditions have to be right and so Chris was quick to offer an alternative workshop or, if I wanted, to hold out until things improved later in the year, even if it meant a 1-1 scenario. That alone speaks volumes for his consideration for the individual rather than a factory belt of moving people along. I wasn’t disappointed. The techniques were eye opening and his teaching was spot on. I was so surprised by the new techniques he displayed that even I was able to return home and recreate the effects for myself. His manner was calm and informative and, although he doesn’t use Nikon’s, he was very patient in helping me through some of the lesser used options on mine to get the shot. I cannot rate this workshop highly enough. But, more importantly, Chris himself has the talent for any occasion. If you’re considering signing up for a photography course, at any level or any genre, I would recommend you look no further.”

Brian Duncan


Tuition Session (s) = One To One Workshop

“Landscape photography was an unknown quantity to me. Having always been the one with the camera at every gathering of friends and family I really didn’t know where to begin if there weren’t any people in the frame. A surprise birthday present of a one to one course with Chris changed all that and I now have a much better grasp of the techniques required to photograph a scene. I spent two wonderful afternoons visiting places in the Broads I didn’t know existed, a joy in itself, and capturing images with Chris’s quiet expertise to remember those occasions. These photos, taken as the rain began to fall at How Hill, etch that memory for all time. As we walked along the towpath, finished for the day, the sky turned a blazing red, so different from the muted pastels of three minutes previously. Frantically setting up the tripod, protecting the camera from the rain, Chris enabled me to capture that fleeting image. It was thrilling to see the results, so a big thank you Chris for setting me on a new path.”

Julie Christie


Tuition Session (s) = Peak District Weekend Workshop

“Many thanks for a fantastic weekends tuition. Your knowledge of photography and locations are first class and made the weekend what it was………Excellent! I have taken images up the Peaks a few times in the past but they didn’t come close to the images that I came back with from the weekend. I’m proud as punch when I show people the images that I have taken and I get great compliments. Thank you.  I preferred the smaller group that we had. It felt as if we had known each other for ages and it was ‘just another shoot’ with fellow toggers The location and accommodation was perfect for visiting all locations. There was plenty of room for all and it did not feel as if we were in each others pockets so to speak. If this is the format for next year I will almost be certain of signing up again.”

Daran Millward


Tuition Session (s) = One To One Workshop

“Chris, I would like to thank you for the one to one session we have just completed. As a novice, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and learned so much. The explanation of all the controls on my Canon 450D and their uses was very helpful and informative.Tips such as using the camera as a light meter, the correct use on Grad ND Filters and how to compose a scene were extremely useful. I have used the advice you gave and can see a big improvement in the quality of my photographs. I will be booking another one to one session to continue the improvement in my photography.”

Colin Mortimer

Untitled-1 DStest

Tuition Session (s) = One To One Workshop, Group One Day Workshops & Three Day Peak District Residential Workshop

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt so much about my camera and how to get the best from it in different situations. Its given me a lot of confidence and pleasure. Personally I found having a small group better for many reasons. I think for ease of getting up and out in the mornings there were not so many bodies to organise. Travelling and parking was easier and on a selfish level it means that we got more of Chris’s time. The accommodation was comfortable and very well located especially with the pub being so close and it felt more relaxed than the formality of a hotel. I have been on three of Chris’s workshops now and have progressed and leant so much. I feel so much more confident using my camera in different situations and have been delighted with the results. The Peak District workshop was an amazing experience. The locations are breathtaking and Chris is a knowledgeable, patience and attentive tutor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the experience to anyone.”

Debra Stokes


Tuition Session (s) = One To One Workshop split into two half day sessions.

“Within just a few hours I understood so much more and was confidently using filters for the first time. Now my camera is never set to auto, I’m twiddling more knobs, using filters and am so much more pleased with the results. Thanks Chris for sharing your invaluable experience.”

Rachel has since informed me that she was fortunate enough to win the photography competition in Anglia Afloat magazine with the above image shot on one of her workshop sessions, a further image from the workshop also appeared on the front cover of the November 2010 edition of the magazine, along with the above image as a double spread in the same magazine.

Rachel Clayton


Tuition Session (s) = One To One Peak District Workshop

“Just a quick note to thank you for your guidance and advice up in Hathersage. I learned a great deal from you and am looking forward to putting it into practice..”

Andrew Jackman

Untitled-1 MHtest

Tuition Session (s) = Norfolk Broads Three Day Windmill Workshop

““Thanks for a great weekend, first time on the Norfolk Broads, will definitely go back again, tried different things and got a plenty out of it. I found the relaxed way you ran the course made it very easy to take your advice on-board, anyone thinking of booking a course,don’t hesitate I would highly recommended going on any of Chris’s courses””

Michael Hardi


Tuition Session (s) = Peak District Weekend Workshop

“2nd time on the Peak District workshop and a 2nd time that I have come home with a fantastic set of images! This isn’t through luck, this is through Chris’s knowledge of photography and the locations he knows so well.  The previous night the group would agree on which locations to get up for and which would be the best shots due to the weather conditions. Up and out by 6am, the group would be heading off for the first set of shots of the day be it on the top of Mam Tor, Parkhouse Hill or Stanage Edge for the sunrise. After getting back to the cottage by mid to late morning, a hearty breakfast was in order. Refuelled and refreshed, it was off out for the afternoons shoot with yet another super range of locations full of the colours that Autumn has to give, finishing off the day’s workshop  with capturing the sunset from yet another iconic Peak District location. All this with a couple of pubs in walking distance to catch an evening meal with a well deserved pint then off to bed ready for the next day. A fantastic workshop that I would highly recommend. In fact I have just booked up again with Chris for the 2015 lake District Workshop”

Daran Millward