Brand New Lee Filters For My Photography WorkshopsLee FIlters For Photography Workshops

I recently had some new Lee Filters turn up for people to use on my landscape photo workshops. I already have a good range of soft ND Grads and hard ND grads, Heliopan polarisers, Lee Landscape Polarisers & Little & Big Stoppers. These are either my own or what they had sent quite a few years ago for students to use on my landscape photography workshops in Norfolk & Suffolk. The new filters include a few of their newer products for people to use and a few packs of fresh grads, some extra holders and a few new rings. Some of the new filters include Medium Grads, Reverse Grads, Super Stoppers and a few of their mist filters. The Super Stoppers will come in handy on my Ten Stop Long Exposure workshop on the Norfolk Coast.

I am a big fan of the Lee products and I quite often get asked by other filter manufacturers if I would be interested in being sponsored by them to promote their filters and my answer is always no. My reason for sticking with the Lee products is they are what I use myself and have done for a number of years, they are extremely robust if you look after them and the quality is always fantastic and I have no real reason to switch brands.

I have not tried all the filters yet myself, but the reverse grads was used on two of my Norfolk photography courses last week and first impressions were fantastic. I now have quite a few new filter rings, so have adapter rings for people to use on the photography courses in most sizes. I also have a few on the new Lee Seven5 filter kits, the grads are much harder as these are designed for compact system cameras and lenses with smaller diameters.

If you do book onto a photography workshop or if you have been on one of my workshops in the past you are also entitled to 10% off Lee Filters at Wex Photographic, for further details just pop me a quick email.