Thetford Forest Photography Guide

Thetford forest is located in the South of Norfolk & the North of Suffolk. It is Britain’s largest lowland pine forest and offers us photographers plenty of options for Autumnal colour. Thetford forest often gets very little in the way of attention from landscape photographers. This could be for a number of reasons, it’s quite a large area and some photographers can find this a bit daunting as there is no obvious place to start. Significant areas are also reserved for military action so access to some areas is forbidden. If you are new to this area hopefully this Thetford Forest Photography Guide will give you a few locations to visit.

For me Autumn has to be my favourite time to visit, although it looks equally as good in the summer when the heather is in bloom. One of my favourite places to start is Rishbeth Woods (just past the golf course). There is always lots to shoot and the colours are great at this time of year. Recently the view around the old Rabbit Warren Lodge has also been cleared of many trees. I have not had a chance to shoot here since it has been cleared yet myself, however I took a client here on a one to one photography workshop in the summer and could see there are now lots of good shots to be had of the lodge. Where as before getting an uncluttered view was difficult.

Once you get board of the area around Rishbeth Woods, jump in the car and head to Two Mile Bottom picnic site. The beeches here offer some stunning colour and you don’t need to walk far to get some great autumnal shots.

The are a few slightly elevated pull in spots at the side of the busy A11 that can work for a dawn shoot, especially if you are fortunate to arrive on a misty morning. A telephoto lens can come in really handy here and you will be able to get a variety of completely different shots and compositions without having to move far.

Below are some images I have taken on my previous Autumn visits.

Thetford Forest Photography Guide

Mist over Thetford Forest at dawn


Thetford Forest Sunrise

Autumn sunrise over Brettenham Heath, Thetford, Norfolk


Brettenham Heath

First light on a frosty morning in the Brecklands, Norfolk

Thetford Forest

First light on a frosty morning in the Brecklands, Norfolk

Rishbeth Woods

Autumn colours at Rishbeth Wood, Thetford

Thetford Photography Guide

Dramatic early morning colour on a frosty November morning at Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest

Morning sunrise in the Brecks

Thetford Forest Photography guide

Dawn mist, Thetford Forest

Thetford Mist

Autumn near Rishbeth Woods

Thetford Forest Norfolk

Morning Light in Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest

Spiders webs cling to the Heather in the Brecklands